Credit Counseling before filing.

Please do not do credit counseling until we tell you. 
You have already paid for your credit counseling - do not pay again or use another provider.

You may use your own internet access at home for credit counseling with Start Fresh Today bankruptcy courses:

Go to "", we have registered you as

username: "your FirstnameLastname" (no spaces, note capitalization) (ex: JohnDoe) and
password: "first 5 digits of your social security number" (no spaces, include the dash) (ex: 123-45)

Click on "Credit Counseling".

Even if you complete the counseling in less time, make sure the online session is at least 45 minutes long
before you complete the course by a telephone call to 1-800-435-9138.

They will email the certificate to us.

In the "rent" window, if applicable, enter mortgage, insurance/taxes, HOA fees.
In the "public transportation" window, enter vehicle payments, insurance, fuel/repairs.
In the "debt" window, lump together credit cards, calculate monthly payments as 3% of total.

You may also come in to our office to use our internet access. Please call to schedule.

If you have any problems, please contact us at 972-562-4400 or